Too many decades without sunscreen.

Just enough green to think watermelon.

Yay! The vandalized hydrants are being professionally repainted.

Good lighting can make even this beautiful.

I started posting a picture of a fire hydrant every day on Twitter (@Fire_Hydrants) in May 2011. I was a freshly minted widow and felt I needed something to keep me tethered to the Earth. After a while, I opened this Instagram account and then on Tumblr. Not always a unique fire hydrant but always a unique photo! I’m grateful for you fire hydrant fans and the generous goodwill you’ve shared with me. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™

Fascinated by the patterns of wear and tear.

Red, rusty, ready.

That black mark is rust fed by an arrow scratched into the bonnet by the hydrantโ€™s keepers. It points to the nearest water access.

The fire hydrant of Dorian Gray.

Only 5 โ€œlegsโ€ but still thinking fat happy tarantula.